When Madhur Bazar Matka Met Gambling?

Satta Matka gambling, a popular lottery game, is where random numbers are generated by drawing a slip out of an earthen pitcher called Madhur Bazar Matka. Modern variants can also be played with playing cards, although this is illegal in India.

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Tracing The Origins

Innovation and progress are based on the exchange of ideas among people from different cultures and regions. Games are no exception. The New York Cotton Exchange’s small recreation of placing bets at the 

opening and closing prices of cotton prices inspired Satta Matka gambling. They were stopped in 1961 but the Bombay Stock Exchange’s punters noticed and saw an opportunity to keep Matka’s business afloat.

Playing With the Odds

The cotton rates of New York were replaced by imaginary numbers and playing cards. The Matka was a collection of all the paper pieces with numbers written on them. 

Betting is simple. One person draws a slip and declares the winning numbers. They were known as “Matka King span” because they led the syndicate.

Twisting Up a Game

Kayanji Bhagat was the original inventor of Satta Matka. It is now known as “Worli Matka”. Ratan Khatri modified the odds to favor the public in 1964.

While his version ran five days per week, Worli Matka was still very popular and ran throughout the week. It was soon known as “Main Ratan Matka span” after Khatri’s vision became popular.

Introduction To Pop Culture

Bollywood was attracted to the stories of Matka kings, and the essence of the whole operation. The life of Ratan Khatri was the inspiration for the movie Dharmatma, directed by Feroz Khan.

The Significant Fall and Spectacular Rise

Matka gambling was a popular pastime among Mumbai textile mill workers, particularly around Parel in Central Bombay and Kalbadevi (South Bombay). Many workers came to the mills to try their luck, and so opened bookies.

The value of bets rose to more than Rs. 500 crore per month. It was estimated that more than 2000 bookies were operating in Mumbai and its suburbs, which attracted the attention of the state police.

Mumbai Police carried out operations to shut down illegal Matka Gambling establishments. Many punters discovered their passion online and played lotteries. 

Gambling in cricket matches rose after the crackdown on Matkadens. The number of Matka gamblers has fallen to 300 since 1995. The monthly turnover is below Rs. 100 crore. Maharastra is still the center for lotteries.

Get Close to the Chest

Satta Matka, a game of chance is what you will win. Your ability to read the game can make it more likely that you win. Although you can predict the outcome of the chart, a win or a loss is not guaranteed.

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